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Faculty & Staff

SHADY GROVE FACULTY AND STAFF 2016-2017 (e-mail addresses found at

Faculty and Staff

Shady Grove Elementary




Ms. Rachel Sherman

Ms. Sarah Arthur

Ms. Jenny Brady

Ms. Crissy Lynn

Ms. Molly Foley


First Grade:

Ms. Kelly Daniels

Mr. Lee Gaugler

Ms. Kathy Graves

Ms. Kathleen Harrell

Ms. Gwen Smith


Second Grade:

Ms. Eileen Goddin

Ms. Jennifer Jones

Ms. Jessica LaFlame

Ms. Kelly Luke

Ms. Jessie Sanborn


Third Grade:

Mr. John Hein

Mr. Kyle Kuzemchak

Ms. Debbie Taylor

Ms. Misty Turner

Ms. Ashley Wilhite


Fourth Grade:

Ms. Erin Carson

Ms. Laura Dugger

Ms. Melissa Kornblau

Ms. Kari LIvesay

Ms. Shannon Maroney

Ms. Cameron Smallwood


Fifth Grade:

Ms. Sara Harris

Ms. Melissa Dalton

Ms. Meg Davies

Ms. Lisa Hamilton

Ms. Betsy Raines


Administrative and Support Services:

Dr. Stacey Austin                 Principal

Mr. Kevin Schatz                  Associate Principal

Ms. Laila Marshall               General Resource Teacher

Ms. Shannon Askins            School Counselor

Ms. Florije Shala                  Part-time School Counselor


Resource Team:

Ms. Leah Coleman                  Art

Mr. Dan Kaczka                      Art (Part-time)

Ms. Lisa Blouch                      Librarian

Ms. Maggie McIver                 Library Assistant

Ms. Katie Berlin                      Music

Mr. Brian Corbin                      Physical Education

Ms. Laura Manning                 Exceptional Education Teacher

Ms. Lara Macdonald               Exceptional Education Teacher

Ms. Cassandra Burgard          Exceptional Education Teacher

Ms. Tracey Douglas                Social Integrated Services Teacher

Ms. Ciara Morton                    Social Integrated Services Teacher

Ms. Kelly DuBose                    Preschool Program Teacher

Ms. Doreen Grossman            Exceptional Education Instructional Aide

Ms. Jennifer Boehm                Exceptional Education Instructional Aide

Ms. Janet Chatless                  Exceptional Education Instructional Aide

Ms. Zohreh Davara Salimi       Exceptional Education Instructional Aide

Ms. Karen Miller                       Exceptional Education Instructional Aide

Ms. Andrea Wright                   Exceptional Education Instructional Aide

Ms. Mary Almany                     Exceptional Education Instructional Aide

Ms. Alys Weisenberger            Exceptional Education Instructional Aide

Special Services:

Ms. Donyetta Bryson               School Psychologist

Ms. Angela Metz-White            School Social Worker

Ms. Jane Anne Herkins            Speech/Language Services

Ms. Mariam Cherry                   Speech/Language Services

English as a Second Language Program (ESL)

Ms. Lisa Koprowski                   Primary Itinerant Gifted Resource Teacher

Mr. Ed Drake                             Technology Support Technician

Ms. Christina Aquilina                Instructional Technology Resource Teacher

Ms. Karen Howard                     Financial Secretary

Ms. Anne Carson                       Attendance Secretary/Registrar

Ms. Jennifer Middleton              School Nurse


Ms. Susan Miller                           Manager

Ms. Lea Anne Mills

Custodial Team:

Mr. Yonan Shehata                    Head Custodian

Ms. Iris Davis                             Custodian (Part-time)

Ms. Sherri Dickerson                 Custodian

Mr. Paramal Das                        Custodian


Maintenance Team:

Maintenance Supervisor

Maintenance Assistant

Maintenance Assistant



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