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Chapter 5 of “The Cardinal Way” at Shady Grove Elementary School


We are finally closing the last chapter about Shady Grove Elementary School’s new concept called The Cardinal Way to guide our school.  The Cardinal Way has focused on the five pillars of respect, responsibility, integrity, creativity, and kindness to promote character development. In previous months, we focused on the traits of responsibility, respect, and kindness, and creativity.  For this final article in the series, we are moving to integrity.


Integrity will be explicitly taught to all of our students from Kindergarten to grade five.  The best definition that can be easily understood by young people is that integrity is what you do when no one else is watching.  The actions that you choose when there will be no benefit to you personally helps shape the character of a young person.  Each choice to be honest and true to your beliefs during adolescence will combine to forge an individual character and reputation.  Our hope is that our Cardinals will truly understand what a crucial role integrity has in our lives, especially as you grow older.  Our students will be confident in the influence that each individual has on their own integrity.  Most things in life are influenced by other factors, but integrity is the one that is completely chosen by the person reacting to the outside influences.

As The Cardinal Way becomes an everyday part of the school day, integrity will be the most important life-long skill that our students will gain.  This character development focus will help shape the type of citizen, neighbor, spouse, and parent that each Cardinal becomes as adults.  Please join Shady Grove Elementary School in making the most positive environment for our students to build strong and healthy integrity.

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