house crest

6 Houses, 1 Family

At Shady Grove, we have a house system similar to the concept as seen in the Harry Potter books and movies.  They are our learning and leadership communities for students. Every student and staff member is placed in one of six houses. Each House has unique properties such as its own color, symbols, nation of heritage, history, and more. Over time, each House also starts to take on its own values and personality driven by the culture of the students and staff within it.

Throughout the school year, students earn points for their houses for following our core values, special accomplishments, school spirit and more. Students are celebrated for their efforts through a process that builds character, empowers academic excellence, fosters school spirit, enhances relationships, and promotes a culture of belonging for all. Since each house includes students from every grade level, it fosters a sense of community throughout the school. Our goal is to cultivate authentic relationships between students and teachers in all grade levels. We want students to feel like they are part of a family; therefore creating our student’s favorite place to be.

table of house system

Mitra Crest

Hadal Crest

Ohana Crest

Mundo Crest

Crio Crest

Omou Crest