Shady Grove Elementary School

Vision: All students will meet or exceed proficiency in literacy and math by the end of the 2nd grade and make at least one year of growth each school year.  Students on a modified curriculum will master all of their goals on their annual IEP.
Mission: We will nurture students’ individuality, help them find unique pathways to success, and cultivate a love for learning and community.
Core Values: Respect, Responsibility, Integrity, Kindness, Courage, Belonging
Colors: Red and Black
Mascot: Flames, the Cardinal
Houses: Omou, Crio, Hadal, Ohana, Mitra, Mundo
2023-24 Theme: Be The Change

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Ellen Guidry
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Principal’s Message

Dear Cardinal Families,

Welcome to the 2023-24 school year! Our theme for this school year is BE THE CHANGE!  Being an agent of change is often associated with the idea of taking personal responsibility and actively making a positive difference in the world. This theme encourages individuals to not just passively observe or complain about problems, but to take action and embody the qualities or values they want to see in the world. It emphasizes the power of individuals to initiate positive change through their own actions, attitudes, and choices, encouraging them to be proactive and contribute to making the world a better place.

At Shady Grove, we believe every student has the ability to make a difference and deserves respect, support, and understanding. By fostering a culture of kindness and empathy, we create a safe space for everyone to express themselves and learn.  Our goal is to create a positive, nurturing, and inspiring school culture that will leave a lasting impact on our students, our colleagues, and the broader community.

Last school year, we took full advantage of resuming normal operations as we implemented our morning clubs and brought back many traditional events.  Our staff and students worked incredibly hard to close many COVID-related achievement gaps, which resulted in incredible student growth and progress.  

At Shady Grove, we have a house system consisting of six, unique houses. Every student and staff member belong to a house.  Our houses provide additional opportunities for our students to connect to adults and students outside of their classroom.  Our school crest represents our whole school community, and our school motto is 6 Houses, 1 Family. Our houses are the basis of our school culture and are incorporated in every aspect of our school day. More information about our Houses can be found here.

As we focus on teaching life ready skills and building a culture of belonging, we have some underlying expectations that create the foundation of our environment.  We refer to this as the Cardinal Way:

  1. We are family.

  2. When responding to adults, use ma’am and sir. Say please, thank you, excuse me, and I’m sorry.

  3. When someone greets you, greet them back using their name. When meeting someone new, use a firm handshake and repeat their name.

  4. If a classmate wins a game or does something well, congratulate them. If you win, don’t brag. If you lose, don’t get angry.

  5. Do not ask for a reward. If you ask, none will be given.

  6. When work is assigned by your teacher, do not moan or complain.

  7. Clean up after yourself.

  8. Be respectful during assemblies and for guest speakers. Do not try to get the attention of others.

  9. Greet visitors and make them feel welcome. Do the same for new students.

  10. Be positive, enjoy life, and strive to be the best version of yourself!

In addition to the Cardinal Way, we hold our students accountable for six core values which we refer to as the Cardinal Creed:  

  • I am RESPECTFUL of myself, others and property.

  • I take RESPONSIBILITY for my actions and belongings.

  • I act with INTEGRITY by doing the right thing even when no one is looking.

  • I treat others with KINDNESS all day, every day even when it's not the easiest choice.

  • I show COURAGE by overcoming my fears, taking risks, and standing up for what is right.

  • I make sure everyone feels like they BELONG and are valued, accepted, and connected to each other.

When demonstrating these core values, students will earn individual and house points which will be turned in for a variety of incentives.  This school-wide positive reinforcement system will give our Cardinals the structure and motivation needed to achieve and succeed.

Other members of our administrative team are Laila Marshall, Associate Principal,  and Kelly Verity, Student Support Teacher.  These women are exceptional leaders who are ready to support all of our stakeholders.  The Shady Grove administrative team is all in, all day, every day.

While our school has always been a place of learning, growth, and community, we have the opportunity to take our school culture to the next level. We look forward to continuing our partnership with our families and community partners. We look forward to an incredible school year.

In partnership,

Ellen Guidry

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